Obama’s luxurious way to get things done

Never shy about praising himself, Obama loves to say, “I gets things done”.  However, where the rubber fails to meet the road is, he doesn’t like the way America’s system works.  He ignores that we have a Constitution, and in it, our Founding Fathers clearly laid out three branches of government, for the very purpose that no one gains too much power.  To American’s it’s law. To Obama it’s an outdated piece of paper.

He wants to tell congress what he wants done while he’s on very expensive vacations, paid for by hard working Americans, playing unlimited golf, endless fundraising for the democrats, and posing for tightly controlled photo ops, like his recent beer and billiards at a pool hall in Denver.  Since this isn’t how the American system works, they don’t “follow his directions”.

When he returns, he announces that he is going to do something by Executive Order, because Congress just doesn’t want to get anything done.  Start over, and repeat. There you have it, our President hard at work!

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