Obama and the “unconditional” cease-fire

If you have been paying attention at all, it should be obvious that Obama is no friend to Israel, and never has been.  This should be no real shocker if you know about his unprecedented relationship with the Muslim Brotherhood.

When Obama was strongly supporting Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood, a group that declared jihad against the West and Israel, even the New York Times reported this was a radical change in U.S. foreign policy.  Our president couldn’t blame Fox News this time for a negative report, because I’ve never heard anyone accuse the old New York Times of being too conservative!

According to the Gatestone Institute International Policy Council, the Egyptians themselves could not understand why the Obama administration was assisting Mohamed Morsi’s attempt to bring the Muslim Brotherhood back to power.  Must I remind anyone that this is a group that believes in Sharia Law and the killing of every Christian and Jew!  So when the Egyptian Military ousted Morsi, they charged Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton with conspiring with terrorists!

Interestingly, all of this ties with the current war in Gaza.  When Morsi was in charge in Egypt, he was supplying Hamas with weapons because Hamas is an arm of the, you guessed it, the Muslim Brotherhood!

Absolutely no ally of Hamas, the current government in Egypt is destroying the tunnels that lead from Egypt to Gaza (yes tunnels are there too), and it should be clear to anyone why it is important to once and for all rid Hamas of any tunnels leading from Gaza to Israel.

Keeping all of this in mind, last night there was a call from Obama to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.  He requested an “unconditional cease-fire” on humanitarian grounds.  To which of course he was given an absolute NO!  Afterwards, members of the Israeli government were obviously quite offended, and they were not shy about their feelings on twitter.

Now, I’m just asking, why is OUR president so determined to stop Israel from destroying the rest of the tunnels that Muslim Brotherhood’s Hamas has built that gives them access to Israel?

Wouldn’t it be MORE humanitarian for Obama to give a ring a ding to his friends over at Muslim Brotherhood headquarters and tell them to get their cowardly war criminal selves over to the hospitals, schools, and the homes where the innocent civilians are and to get their weapon stashes out of there?


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