3 Things the hard right and Tea Party really need to understand about the Republicans

3 things the hard right and Tea Party really need to understand about the Republicans, explained by a proud  generational member of the Grand Old Party.

1. We are not “The Establishment” or “RINO’s”, and you are not “The Base”.  We are THE Republican Party founded in 1854.  The Tea Party is a MOVEMENT that began inside our party sometime between 2007-2009, and if anyone must be referred to as a “RINO”, it’s the members of this movement, because they seemingly have a strong dislike for most of what occurs within our party.

In 1854, the Whigs that were against slavery didn’t solve the problem by calling the others WINO’s, they courageously founded the Republican Party.  That is what a Republican does.  We don’t run our mouths, shut things down, and see how many problems we can cause.  We find solutions, because we are honored when we look at the American flag and sing the National Anthem knowing that throughout history men and women fought and still fight for The United States of America, not The United States of “our” America!

2. You have convinced yourselves that your hard right agenda is what the American people want.  Look, you had success in 2010, but surely by now you know why.  Your full agenda had not been uncovered.  Everyone thought you were just fiscal crusaders, period!  Then once the layers of the onion started to unfold, your ideas left everyone in tears.  Didn’t these last primaries prove that the majority of the American people just aren’t interested in what you have to offer?  They want things to get done in Washington.

We live in a country where people vote for all different kinds of candidates.  The other side of the isle have just as much of a responsibility to their constituents as ours do to us.  There has to be compromise.  If we get most of what we want, we win!  Your brand doesn’t want most, you want want 100% every time!  That isn’t how our government works.  If our Founding Fathers wanted things to be that way, they would have written into The Constitution that once the majority is decided, everyone else can go home until the next election.

3. This one is the most important!  I guess you are still a little raw about Mitch McConnell crushing Matt Bevin in the primaries, because The Republican Party couldn’t even close election night before you started pecking away at seething articles questioning whether or not he and the Republicans have the ability to get certain things done. These include things like repeal Obamacare, make the IRS pay for going after the Tea Party, stop Obama’s executive orders, stop the EPA, etc. The list goes on and on, but there is a huge problem here.  You are way out of line even beginning to think you have the right to put any demand on our party, because we are in this mess because of you in the first place!  If it wasn’t for you and your 100% single-mindedness, “if I don’t get my way I’m just going to sit home and not vote”, Mitt Romney would be our President and we wouldn’t have the IRS scandal, VA scandal, EPA regulations ruining jobs, Obamacare, Obama’s executive orders, racial divisions, Justice Department scandals, horrible relations with Israel, ISIS, Russia taking over Crimea and now Ukrain, Iran closer to a nuclear weapon, Syria gassing civilians, Turkey refusing to talk to us, this list goes on and on as well. 

You made your bed by NOT VOTING!  We don’t want to listen to you cry about how uncomfortable it is, and you most definitely don’t get a say in how the adults in the room clean up all of these disasters!  We have managed to put 18 Presidents in the White House without you, more than any other party.  It could have been 19 until you came along!  So you need to be honest with yourselves, because it’s all rhetoric when you say how much you love America, and The Constitution, because if you look at the state our country is in, it’s 100% on the shoulders of every one of you that sat home on election day 2012 refusing to pull the lever for Mitt Romney because he wasn’t “conservative” enough for you.  You might not have liked his stance on abortion 20 years ago in Massachusetts, but if you can’t realize that when up against the probability of such things as I listed above, it was an irresponsible reason not to vote, personally I find that nothing short of irrational.    



15 Comments on 3 Things the hard right and Tea Party really need to understand about the Republicans

  1. FlagGazer
    November 10, 2014 at 3:56 am

    Well said – thank you very much!

    • allbeckyb@mac.com
      November 10, 2014 at 5:21 am

      Thank you FlagGazer! I appreciate you taking the time to read my post.

    • Muawiyah
      November 12, 2014 at 1:52 pm

      There’s really NO hard right ~ not since George Washington and his boys kicked out the Royalists.

      The Republican party was founded primarily by THE Abolitionists, and still operating state and local units of the WHIG party were invited. That party had died earlier.

      We have dozens of constituent factions and special interests ~ much like the Democrats, and in fact we share some factions to a degree ~ e.g. they have half the Roman Catholics and we have the other half ~ the ones who go to mass!

      We have Social Conservatives, Traditionalists, Internationalists, Pro Defense, monetarists, free silver, balanced budget, pro state’s rights, sound environmentalists, pro space, etc.

      Then we have the crowd who think that when you find yourself in a position of power the first thing you ought to do is jump over to the Democrats and implement their grossest stupidities and absurdities under the slogan of Bipartisanship.

      Seriously, if Americans wanted bipartisanship, they’d voted for it. As it is 44 million Republicans voted for Republican party candidates and principles and 36 million voted for Democrats.

      So, there you have it, the 36% of adult American citizens who voted told us what we wanted.

      BTW, that 45 million Republicans is the same as what we got out in 2010 and the Dems 35 million is 5 million short of what they got out in that year.

      It’s not like we ran away with public opinion, but we did, and this election ended up very nearly NORMAL ~ ‘ceptin’ even more Democrats stayed home!

      That’s the way the people interested in power and politics in America think. Time for a major change.

      Frankly, I don’t think bipartisanship is called for anywhere on any topic. The Dems are facing political death and replacement by a new party. Don’t help them survive.

  2. Csharp
    November 12, 2014 at 1:48 pm

    Nothing about this screed convinces me you are anything but a “get in line now and march lockstep!” Democrat.

    Dems today applaud your little self-righteous lecture.

  3. Jane
    November 12, 2014 at 1:55 pm

    The Tea Party is made up of disenfranchised Reagan Republicans, and they’re slowly taking their party back.

    Don’t forget: Eric Cantor is gone.

    They’re making inroads, and they’re committed to staying the course. It might be a good idea to learn to work with them, because they’re not going anywhere, and without their shoes on the ground, you lose general elections. Virginia in 2014 is a prime example of this.

  4. Jeff
    November 12, 2014 at 2:13 pm

    A few comments. If you prefer, we can switch to calling big-government Republicans DIABLOS (Democrats in all but label only). The Tea Party was not formed out of the Republican party. Its members are interested in reduced taxes and reduced government. Its members have found more Republicans than Democrats to support that view and have supported them. If Republicans instead vote again for bigger government and taxes, they will lose Tea Party support and give way to the Democrats. Remember good Republican Bob Dole, the tax collector for the welfare state? Remember how he was elected President? Me neither.

  5. Steve Bronson
    November 12, 2014 at 2:17 pm

    So you’re a Chamber of Commerce Republican who supports open borders and an unlimited influx of illegal aliens to drive down wages for working Americans?

  6. Greg
    November 12, 2014 at 2:21 pm

    Let’s get something straight. It wasn’t “our” guy on the ticket in 2012, but we clenched our teeth, closed our eyes and “pulled the lever” for him anyway. Same with your guy in 2008. We hated him, but for the good of the country, we clenched our teeth, closed our eyes and “pulled the lever.” You need to understand that it’s not “our” guys that are giving the elections away to the opposition, it’s “yours.” We were told they were the only hopes of success against Obama. But when they had clear oppurtunities to attack, they laid down like beaten dogs. Maybe you should go to a Tea Party rally sometime. These people are everyday, hard working Americans who pulled the Republican lever most of their lives. They are sick and tired of the people they elect turning their backs on them. This includes the “Amnesty McCains and the Socialized Medicine Romneys.” Not to mention the “We want our enitre family as former presidents Bushes.” These are the establishment that turned their backs on us. So we want to turn our backs on them. We don’t want someone in office who agrees with the Democrats. If we wanted that, we would vote for them. We want someone who will fight against them. That is the entire point of having 2 seperate parties.

  7. Mary
    November 12, 2014 at 2:26 pm

    Glad for your comments. But as a lifelong conservative, the Republican party needs to take a long look at itself and ask why the massive TEA party formed separately from the Republican party. The overwhelming cause was that Republicans were moving leftward and not holding central to core values of fiscal responsibility and personal accountability. EVERYTHING was becoming a compromise of our core values instead of a line in the sand, as if Republicans were afraid of saying NO. It is essential that Republicans grow a spine and stand tall for America.

  8. mushroom
    November 12, 2014 at 3:29 pm

    I respect your opinion. I disagree with you, but, because of your opinion, I have started calling myself a Bad Republican.

    I voted against Obama in both 2008 and 2012 by voting for the Republican candidates. I often say I have been a Republican since before I was born. We have been voting for Republicans as long as there have been Republicans.

    I think you are wrong about our agenda. I do not see the problem with cutting spending, securing the border and reducing the size and scope of the federal government.

    The problem has been some of the candidates, like our own Missouri idiot, Todd Akin.

    I am a leave-me-alone, mind-your-own-business, let-the-states-decide Republican — which I guess, from your perspective makes me a Bad Republican. If so, I will wear it proudly.

    I take no offense with you personally, and I hope that I give none.

  9. Jim Brown
    November 12, 2014 at 4:14 pm

    You claim that this election was about getting along and getting things done, in other words cooperating with Obama. You are wrong about that. This election was about stopping Obama’s transformation agenda plain and simple. Most of the Tea Party people that you paint with such a broad brush do not believe that they can get 100% of what they want. Most Tea Partiers understand that they must fight against people like you, i.e. the RINO’s, that really do not have any core beliefs beyond winning the next election. Thee GOPe does not have the guts for the fight to turn around our leftward drift and restore the Constitution and The Republic it founded. The Tea Party is the base whether you like it or not. I personally do not believe in sitting home and not voting or voting for a third party. I am no purist, and neither are most of my Tea Party brothers and sisters. But understand this, there are a group of 4 to 8 million purists, with whom I disagree vociferously, and the GOPe must learn that those sitting home combined with the election fraud by the Dems make it impossible for the GOPe to win Presidential elections. Just to be clear, I voted for McCain, or more accurately I voted for Palin in 2008, I voted for Romney in 2012 even after he surrendered the campaign to Obama after the 2nd debate. The problem is that the GOPe will not fight for the Constitutional principles upon which the party was founded. Their first reaction always seems to be to surrender and cower in fear at the prospect of the NYTimes calling them names. The leadership of the party needs to be changed, and it will be. Yes the Tea Party candidates got crushed in the primaries, mostly because the Tea Party did not realize how dirty and Democrat-like the GOPe would campaign and break rules and laws in order to win, one just need to look to Mississippi for proof of that. Furthermore the Tea Party is winning when one takes the long view. Just look to the slate of candidates that won Ernst, Tillis etc…etc… this years candidates were far further to right than the typical mushy moderate candidates that have been run by the GOPe in the past, take note there were no Mike Castle or Arlen Specter like candidates winning elections this year. Scott Brown was the closest to those kinds of candidates and the people in NH choose to elect the real Democrat rather than the Dem Lite candidate. I think it stupid to be honest to vote for Shaheen and if I lived in NH I would have voted for Brown. But that facts are the facts. Also, the battle for the soul and leadership of the party is a bottom up battle and at the state level the Tea Party is the dominant force at that level. with each passing election cycle the Tea Party movement learns more lessons and eventually we will have enough real conservatives at the national level to change the party from Dem lite to Constitutionally conservative. Your just going to love it when Sarah Palin is the GOP chairman in about 8 or 10 years. That is what is coming whether you like it or not. The GOPe plan to help replace the Conservative base with low info voters through amnesty will not work, we understand what people like you and party leadership are saying, you do not want conservatives in the base, you would rather have compliant low information voters whom will not hold their representatives feet to the fire. We are coming, and we gain with every election from the bottom up and we will win in the end. Your moderate, or more accurately, progressive lite just go along to get along and stand for nothing philosophy is old tired and dying as evidenced by this election, the fact that the GOPe had to nominate more conservative candidates to win the primaries and the generals. You may not see it or you might just choose not to acknowledge these facts, but we are winning, the Tea Party victories at the national level are just more subtle than you are capable of understanding. And remember when you tell the Tea Party to get lost you are thinking of the the few million that are purists which are a minority of the Conservatives that make up the Tea Party base. Remember that when you and your masters in the GOPe tell Conservatives to get lost and leave the party, that is the most self defeating thing you can say. But on the other hand you still cannot understand that you’re losing this battle when looked at in the long term. It has taken the GOPe and Progressive Dems cooperating and going along to get along for over 100 years to get the Republic, or whats left of it to this point, it will take at least that long for Conservatives to win back the once proud GOP and restore the Republic to its once great glory, but that time is coming whether you see it or acknowledge it, or not. We’re not going away, we’re going to win the party back and marginalize the progressive elements in it to such an extent that they will also be tossed upon the ash heap of history with all the other bad ideas that have come and gone.

  10. Candor Seven
    November 12, 2014 at 5:40 pm

    I have never read such unambiguous propaganda in a very long time, about the GOP. The Tea Party won the recent elections for the GOP on the ground.For example Sarah PAC lead by Sarah Palin , a Tea Party leader:
    Candidates SarahPac supported early on were key in re-taking the Senate. Senator Tim Scott, who you helped boost in his first Congressional primary in 2010, was appointed to this seat by Governor Nikki Haley, who SarahPAC also supported in 2010. Both were reelected last night. Cory Gardner picked up a key Senate seat; remember he was part of our “Take Back the 20” initiative in 2010, where SarahPAc helped reclaim 19 of the 20 House seats that were held by Democrats in districts John McCain and Sarah Palin carried in 2008. SarahPac campaigned in Iowa last spring for a little known hog farmer and tough talking veteran named Joni Ernst, and her victory just tilted the balance of power to the GOP.”

    Its past time for this GOP elitist meme to stop. No we do not need the Jeb Bushes and the Mitt Romneys. We need the Allan Wests, the Sarah Palins, the Doctor Carsons and its just time for these elitest dividers to stop this foolishness, or soon these RINOs will not even have a country to attempt to govern.I swear, the author of this piece must be working for the Obama campaign , for it is her and all RINOs like her that are splitting the GOP, just as Obama wants.Mainstream the Tea Party into the GOP, and move over. If not, then the GOP is dead in 2016.

  11. Rick Stephens
    November 12, 2014 at 7:11 pm

    I always considered myself a ‘tea party’ type, In my mind the Tea Party is a set of ideas, not a party. I never joined any tea party group, just agreed with the initial premise that a lack of fiscal control was destroying our country..

    That said, I oppose Republicans that go to Washington and become big government supporters – transmute into what I would call ‘establishment republicans’. They TALK fiscal and powers restraint to get elected, but their actions are only different from the Democrats in that they are just different forms of big spending and big government. They don’t vote less spending and less fed powers..

    I will always consider myself a conservative while current establishment Republicans not conservative as long as they speak the words but don’t dance the dance. This seems to match my idea of what the tea party was proposing at its inception..

    I don’t know how to limit government by virtue of the current Republican Party leadership. Boehner and McConnell are not going to make hard smaller fed, more individual freedoms choices. They don’t even talk true fiscal restraint and limits on federal powers.

    I don’t care if the new Majority Leader or the continuing Speaker got primary’d out of office or not. But I would like to see a younger, more vibrant leadership in the house and senate..

    I don’t have angst over ‘tea party’ candidates failing to unseat powerful congressman and senators. I do have tons of angst over where the current leadership has taken us and where they profess to aim the party in the future..

    I think the tea party candidates started and continue a very useful discussion within the Republican Party of where and how to make policy. This has already achieved many changes in the shaping of the policy conversations on setting budgetary limits. The tea party conservatives can and should be opposed without demonizing them from the right. We need to talk issues, not people, and we’ll accomplish much.


    Rick Stephens

  12. Susan
    November 12, 2014 at 9:34 pm

    Another outstanding article. Who needs political pundits to argue back and forth over and over again ad nauseam about what is wrong in America when we can have someone just simply tell the outright truth? You brought the truth forth. Wish every Tea Party member could read this article. You laid it all out there. I like truth, I don’t like skirting the real issue :)


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